Office Hours

203 E. Grand Blanc Road • Grand Blanc MI  48439 • (810) 694-1118
Police Administration (810) 694-1111
OFFICE HOURS: 8 AM-5 PM  Monday-Friday

203 E. Grand Blanc Road, Grand Blanc MI  48439 ~ (810) 694-1118

Police Administration ~ (810) 694-1111

Fire Administration ~ (810) 603-7901

Due to the misplacement of this number in the phone book and incorrect answers from Information Operators, the most frequently asked question from callers to the City Administration office is:

"What is the phone number for Grand Blanc Township?"

The answer is:    (810) 424-2600


1. Where is Grand Blanc City Hall located?

  City Hall is located at 203 E. Grand Blanc Road in the first block off Saginaw Street.

  The mailing address is:

City of Grand Blanc
203 E. Grand Blanc Rd.
Grand Blanc, MI 48439


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2. What hours is City Hall open? 

City Hall is open Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM.

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3. Where do I pay my water bill?

Water bills are sent out every 2 months and may be paid by mail, drop box at City Hall or at the City Administration counter in City Hall during normal business hours. Residents may also sign up for AUTOMATIC PAYMENT or PAY ONLINE.

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4. Where is the drop box for payments located?

The drop box is located on a pole next to the sidewalk just outside of the front door to City Hall.

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5. What are the deadlines for paying water bills?

Water bills are due every 2 months on the 10th day of the following months: January, March, May, July, September and November. A late fee is assessed after the due date.

Billing Period Date Billed Date Due Pays to:
2/1 to 4/1 April 21 May 10 April 1
4/1 to 6/1 June 21 July 10 June 1
6/1 to 8/1 August 21 Sept. 10 August 1
8/1 to 10/1 October 21 November 10 October 1
10/1 to 12/1 Dec 21 Jan. 10 Dec 1
12/1 to 2/1 Feb 21 March 10 Feb 1


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6. What is the procedure for obtaining a final water bill from the City when I move?

Residents wishing to obtain a final water reading when they move should call City Hall and provide the following information: Name, Address, date of moving, and address where final bill should be sent. If the new owner's name is known, this information is also helpful.

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7. When are taxes due in the City of Grand Blanc?

Summer taxes are mailed on July 1st and are payable through August 31st. Winter taxes are mailed on December 1st and are payable through February 28th. Taxes may be paid by mail or at City Hall. Everyone will receive a copy of their tax bill regardless of whether or not the taxes are paid by a mortgage company. If a copy has been sent to your mortgage company you will see the name of the company listed on the tax bill.

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8. What number should I call to find the telephone number of a business or individual in the Grand Blanc City area?

Individuals should contact Directory Assistance at 1-810-555-1212 for information about area telephone numbers.

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9. What is the deadline for a citizen to register to vote?

Individuals must register to vote at least 30 days before an election in order to vote in that election.

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10. Where may a resident register to vote?

Grand Blanc City residents may register to vote in person at City Hall or at any Secretary of State office. Information about the Secretary of State can be found at their website.

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11. How does a resident arrange for an absentee ballot?

Residents may apply for an absentee ballot by contacting City Hall. Deadline for applying depends on whether the application and ballot need to be mailed or picked up. For best results, contact City Hall as soon as you know you will need to vote absentee. Applications are available to download and print from our "Forms" page.


12. Does the City prepare, store and copy birth and death certificates?

The City of Grand Blanc does not prepare, store or copy birth and death certificates. Residents should contact the Genesee County Clerk at (810) 257-3284 for these services.

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13. What is the procedure for buying a dog license?

Dog licenses are issued by the Genesee County treasurer's office and are NOT available at Grand Blanc City Hall. Visit their website for rules and regulations. Proof of Rabies vaccination is required and vaccination date determines the expiration date of the license.  

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14. Where is the Chamber of Commerce?

The Chamber of Commerce is located at 512 E. Grand Blanc Road. The phone number is (810) 695-4222.

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15. What City parks are available? Can the pavilions be reserved?

The City of Grand Blanc has 3 parks. The Grand Blanc Commons is a nature preserve located behind McFarlen Library on Perry Road. Physicians Park, located on Reid Road offers a playground, gazebo and ice-skating in the winter. Rust Park is located at the end of Rust Park Drive and has a playground, tennis courts, bike trails and a pavilion. Both Rust and Physicians Park have permanent bathroom facilities. Click here for more detailed Park information.

Reservations can be made at City Hall for the pavilion and gazebo on a first-come first-served basis. Only the shelter may be reserved – the park remains open to the public. The City begins accepting reservations in mid-March of each year. No facilities will be reserved after August 31. Public holidays are also exempt from reservations.

After confirming that the date you want is available, the reservation process begins by completing a form at City Hall. Fees vary based on residency, so a driver’s license is required for verification. A $75 refundable deposit is required to be paid, along with the reservation fee, at the time of reservation. This deposit will be returned after your event if the pavilion/gazebo has been left clean.

Fees for reserving the pavilion and gazebo are as follows:


Grand Blanc City or Township Residents


Rust Park

$75.00/$75.00 Deposit

$125.00/$75.00 Deposit

Physicians Park

$100.00/$75.00 Deposit

$150.00/$75.00 Deposit

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16. Where is severe weather information available?

Please do not call City Hall to obtain information regarding severe weather conditions. This information may be obtained by tuning into local radio and television stations such as WJRT-TV Channel 12 or WCRZ Radio Station-108 FM.

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17. Where can I pay my traffic ticket?

Traffic tickets may be paid at the Grand Blanc 67th District Court on Saginaw Street. The phone number is (810) 694-2550.

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18. When, where and why is fingerprinting conducted?

The City of Grand Blanc Police Department does not offer non-criminal fingerprinting services. The State of Michigan has contracted with Integrated Biometric Technology (IBT) to provide this service. To schedule an appointment, call 1(866)226-2952 or visit their website.

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19. What is the curfew law in the City of Grand Blanc?

The City of Grand Blanc currently follows state law concerning this issue. As the law now stands, the following curfews are in effect: Children under 12 must be off the streets between the hours of 10PM - 6AM. Children under 16 must be off the streets between the hours of 12AM - 6AM.

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20. What is the telephone number to call when traffic signals are out?

Defective traffic signals in the City of Grand Blanc should be reported to the Grand Blanc City Police Department at (810) 694-1111.

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21. Who should I call concerning after-hours water problems or sewer back-ups?

Residents should contact the Police Department at (810) 694-1111 to report after-hours problems with water and sewer facilities.

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22. What is the City's policy on trimming trees owned by the City and growing in the right-of-way next to City streets?

If you have a problem with a City tree located in the right-of-way please contact City Hall and we will route your concern to the Department of Public Works.

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23. What are the current millage/tax rates for the City of Grand Blanc?

The summer tax rates become available July 1.  Winter tax rates become available December 1.

2017 Summer Millage Rates 2017 Winter Millage Rates
Homestead 37.7445 Homestead 5.9824
Non-homestead 55.7445 Non-homestead 5.9824
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24. How are my taxes figured?

Click here to see what your taxes will be.

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25. How do I report a streetlight outage?

Street lights that are out or flickering may be reported to Jamie Welden at Consumers Energy at (810) 760-3215 or on the Consumers Energy web page.

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26. Where can I park my recreational vehicle?

The parking of motor homes, campers, boats, trailers and other recreational vehicles in your home's front yard, is strictly regulated under the City of Grand Blanc Zoning Ordinance. See Article III - Section 308. The parking of these types of conveyances, over 48 hours, is limited to the side or rear of the residential property.

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27. Where can I sell my car?

The City only allows the selling of private motor vehicles within the confines of your own yard. The vehicle must be licensed, it must belong to you and it must be in an operating condition. Placing your car for sale on parking lots or business property within the City is prohibited, even if you have the property owners permission.

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28. Where is the garbage and recycle schedule?

The garbage and recycling schedule can be found here